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        —Bead Therapy


Get the basic concepts and terminology behind all the beading and some folk arts that are offered by Rypan Designs.

Beading is a universal topic which is huge in scope!

The Intro identifies the main types of beading.

Beadweaving Techniques covers the main ones Maria specializes in. There are some PDFs with graph papers to help you design your netted or loomwork project.

Simple Beading gives links to PDFs of color photo instructions of entry-level basics which are can be used to engage children to learn how to bead. They're a great beginning for all novice beaders,

Tips offers Fundamentals for Beading (PDF) and for Netting (PDF).

Bead therapy is the Ellen Long story about the power of beading.

Gerdany is the contemporary meaning of beadwork Ukrainian-style,  Learn about the different types of beadwork in Ukraine.

Color theory is universal. This section is for beaders and crafters using Maria's PETAL Color Wheel to explain the concepts.



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