Beadwork Intro
    —Simple Beading
        —Bead Therapy

Beading is a wonderful activity where you create one of a kind jewelry, accessories, home decor, objets d'art. It gives loads of satisfaction, it is therapeutic and fun.

Beads can be anything with a hole which can be strung, interlaced or stitched onto a fabric. A more refined definition of beads is small pieces of glass, wood, gemstones or any material with a hole in it. Beads have been used as currency and for decor and fashion long before there was recorded history.

Beads come in all shapes and sizes. Whole taqua nuts with a hole are beads, shown below in black. Long drawn cut glass beads are called bugles. New Czech beads now come in multiple holes and a variety of shapes.

Beadstringing Defined

    • Simplest form beadwork
    • Beads or objects are threaded on a string
    • Stringing materials: thread, wire, elastic
    • Playing with bead shapes and colors

Auditioning beads for Trypiliian Spirit necklaces, 2008


Beadweaving Scalloped Hearts in the car, 2010

Beadweaving Defined

    • Interlaced strands of beads form new configurations
    • Different techniques transform beads into new formations and patterns
    • Creating 3-dimentional shape, i.e. boxes and vessels
    • Can be done in hand or on a loom
    • Easy to do


Bead Embroidery Defined

    • Type of beadwork using a needle and thread to secure a bead
       onto the surface of a fabric, suede or leather
    • Used as an embellishment on folk costumes, quilts, moccasin vamps
    • Can be embroidered following a charted pattern or free form
    • Color of thread matters when using transparent beads

Floral bead embroidery detail on a sorochka.
Collection of Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Alberta Branch.


Diagonal Rose gerdan. Loomwork by Olya Olijnyk,
Lviv Vernissage. 2013

Beadweaving Motifs

    • Color placements of beads create motifs
    • Requires advance planning to know which color of bead to select
       next as you bead weave in hand or on a loom
    • Once a full repeat is done, easy to continue on the run

Playing with netting and Millefiori disks X's & O's, 2011





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