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NEW Assorted Beadweaving: Lessons #2 book and sample pages:

Assorted Beadwork
Lessons #2
Swag samples:
3-Row Necklace,
5-Row Cuff,
Reversible Swags
Gothic samples:
1- and 3-Drape,
Fringed Gothic,
Drop Earrings
Earring samples:
Bugle Nets,
1- and 3-Daisies,
Mosaic Bracelet

“Maria is a recognized authority on Beadwork in the Ukrainian/Russian style. Ms. Rypan has developed and conducted numerous workshops and classes, created and produced illustrated series of step-by-step book titles on the very traditional, stylistic approach to beadwork. The series is highly recommended for those who have the Russian language books in their collection.” Helby Import Catalog

Assorted Beadwork
Lessons #1
Netted Mesh Collars
Lessons #1
Netted Jagged Mesh
Lessons #2
Beadwork Ukrainian-style
Overview of Gerdany

“There are 3 volumes in this wonderful, inspiring series. Each book begins with simpler projects and ends with challenging pieces that have been built on the preceeding lessons. If you enjoy working with seed beads, you’ll want to own the whole series.”
Alice Korach, Bead & Button Magazine

Sample pages from books:
Sample work
from Assorted
Beadwork #1
BK0B1 -
Baubles & zigzags
are very simple
and stunning
Sample work
from Netted
Mesh #1
Same Motifs -
2 different sized
beads and effects
Sample work
from Netted
Jagged #2
3 V-shaped collars
and a few 'V's on
a zigzag band
Sample work
from Assorted
Beadwork #1
Daisies in al
shapes and sizes -
simple to multistrand

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