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CRS1 - Gothic Cross

The Gothic Cross is made by playing two crystal shapes to their best advantage. Start from the center of the cross and work your way around every arm. Then form the connection to the band. The crystal theme is carried all the way to the back. It is very easy and can be ready to wear in less than two hours.

UPDATE: First make the cross portion using fine beading wire. It is only necessary to go around once since the wire maintains its shape. Center the cross on a long beading thread. Proceed to bead the band using the R.A.W. method or ladder technique.

Limited Edition:
- Amethyst/ amethyst AB
- Black/ jet black
- Black/ black AB
- Bronze/ brown iris

Kit includes Czech 7x5 f/p crystals, 8/ seed beads; lobster clasp; beading needles and thread; very fine .010 beading wire for cross

CRS12-p includes a Supply List and patterns for both Byzantine and Gothic Crosses