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SWG42-810-TRY – Trypillian
Refined Swag Cascade

This stunning neckpiece has gently cascading swags suspended between pillars of mid-sized contrast beads. Once the diagonal weave band is made, gradually make right-angle woven beaded pillars as you add the next swag. You’ll be amazed how quickly swags and pillars are formed. The uniquely illustrated graph makes it fun and easy.

Kit includes Czech or Japanese 8/ novel contrast and 10/ seed beads; clasp; beading needles and NYMO thread

$35 kit ($14 pattern*)

Available in:
- Black/ metallic copper
- Copper-lined amethyst/ metallic copper

*SWG4-810-p includes a Supply List and “2-in 1” instructions for the following:
- Diagonal Weave band uses mid-sized 8/ seeds along edges of fine seed bead center
- Cascading Swags close-up start and schematic graph for using mid-sized 8/ seeds for pillars and fine seed bead swags