Maria's own


This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase creativity and inspire visitors. All beadwork shown here was created or inspired by Rypan Designs.

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s own

Maria's creations are primarily beadwoven with seed beads. Some have crystals and unique beads added for interest. The fun creations are Toronto Bead Society Challenges. Commissions for special occasions are a welcome change of pace. Prototypes help explore new stitches, color combos for upcoming workshops and kits.


Since 1995 Maria has taught over a thousand people and has seen a lot of amazing beadwork. It gives her great pleasure to see what her   students do with what they’ve learned.

Changes in color placement, sizes and textures or intro of new materials to techniques learned transform the original lessons into something new. There are many innovative pieces in the Student’s Gallery.


Brides are overjoyed when their dreams are realized in the perfect necklace or collar! Here are a few stories to illustrate how consulting with a professional or a "beady" friend yielded perfect adornments for the brides, bridesmaids, their mothers. Beautiful beadwork makes memorable keepsakes.


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