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Oksana Horich Pastuszak Wedding
Mississauga, ON Canada

Ivory netted collar gerdan with matching cuff
by Maria Rypan

20 years have passed since Oksana's wedding! Thanks to the anniversary memory on Facebook, I was able to see and save a few wedding photos where the bride was wearing her gerdan and cuff.

I recall this commission for a gerdan to go with a very simple bridal dress in dupioni silk. The challenge was finding ivory rice pearls with matching seed beads. The pearl crystal netted collar was easy because I already had the pattern from a special order for twins for their Ukrainian School Matriculation.

Beading the cuff was challenging because I had to make sure the top and bottom were the same with two beads between mesh points. The cuff worked out perfectly!

Oksana says her four daughters cherish mom's wedding beadwork. Her 8th grader already wore this gerdan for a special school event.




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