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Rebecca Rynsoever Wedding
Port Lambton, ON Canada

1 Wedding Crystal Cascade + 3 Gothic 1-Drapes for bridesmaids + Accessories
by Rebecca Rynsoever

Last year, Rebecca began planning her wedding, and being a very artistic individual, she decided to make her own jewellery. Rebecca found her inspiration for do-it-yourself jewellery at the Bead Oasis show.

She had a chance to perfect her beadweaving abilities during the year. Her Wedding Crystal Cascade creation was a most elegant adaptation of my Twig Chip Cascade. Interestingly, she added subtle shades of pink crystals to the tips of the twigs to tie into a vibrant flower bouquet she was planning. Instead of using the same-sized chicklets across the top of the beaded band, she cleverly played with the pattern and alternated a clear crystal with a bugle.

Good planning and organization gave Rebecca time to shop around for interesting findings. She found large delicate pink flowers components which she strung together in a bracelet for herself. Novel crystal-encrusted rondelles were incorporated into the bridesmaids’ bracelets and earrings.

Luckily, my 1-Drape Gothic beadwork kit had the exact same aqua color crystals and beads as her fabric swatch for the bridesmaids’ dresses. It really was an instant gratification beading experience, as promised. Rebecca then ordered more crystals and beads to make two more necklaces, then more crystals for bracelets. I recall conversations asking her to redesign her bracelet idea to use the exact number of aqua crystals available once I pulled her colors from other kits. This was creativity at its best!

It’s amazing what can be done when you want to do your own wedding jewelry! There are so many resources out there! Make the most of them and enjoy!

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