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Sharing two beaded events with a Ukrainian theme, but universal appeal. The first is the  “Gerdan – Talisman of Triumph” in Chicago on the left. Then taking the presentation about it to Ukraine on the right. Since the exhibit in Kyiv was titled "Beads. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.", it was a fitting place to share my beadwork research and fashion show photos. The audience of participating designers and enthusiasts loved the eye candy and stories.

I’ll be featuring more designers and their work in future newsletters. Meanwhile, enjoy reading and beading.


Issue #55Gerdan-Talisman of Triumph in Chicago, Bead exhibit in Kyiv, TBS BEadFabulous




Welcome Friends

As I’m preparing for the big Gerdan Talisman of Triumph in Chicago, there are many interesting events related to beadwork adornments happening around the world. I’m sharing a few that caught my eye.

Hope you can take part in some upcoming event. If not, be inspired and join in spirit. Looking forward to connecting. Happy beading.

Issue #54Dukachi exhibit, Beads: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Loomwork and upcoming Gerdany events.




Welcome Friends

The new year started off great!! My winter trip to Ukraine was perfectly timed to catch the tail end of the Christmas and Epiphany celebrations. Here are a few beading-related highlights, though there was much more… I’m also sharing the results of my very favorite TBS event, the Bag of Bead Challenge.

Hope your year has started off on a creative note, too. There are all sorts of special interest groups to enrich your experiences. Join one, take a class… Enjoy!

Issue #53Beadwork & zgardy in Ukraine, TBS Bead Challenge-Canada 150, upcoming Gerdany event



Welcome Friends

It’s been a busy year with beading, touring, researching, playing with new Czech shapes and doing a few bead shows. But now my heart is set on finally writing the ancestry portion of my uncle’s autobiography. I’ve already got my tickets to Ukraine this January. I enjoy playing history detective between beading projects.

As we prepare for the New Year, we all have some ideas in mind of what we’d like to do. With a little time management, I hope you can enjoy doing what you’d like to do best. So, get those creative juices flowing!

Issue #52Chihuly Exhibit, Enamel art and beads, finds, Winter brooches




Welcome Friends

Back home after the last bead show for 2016. It is always great to see the amazing work done by the other vendors. I am impressed by the creativity of a young group of beaders in Ukraine.

You can see how learning the basics of beadweaving and lots of playing with beads can result is some amazing creations. So dig out some beads and play. Happy Beading!!!


Issue #51Inspiring beaders, big and small, retiring kits discount code and downloadable patterns.



Welcome Friends

With this 50th issue I am celebrating the innovations and creativity of my students and designers who took my published beadwork instructions to a new level. Since I began teaching in 1995, I’ve met many amazing individuals and enjoy seeing and sharing their creativity. Here are a few original interpretations of my patterns to further inspire you to bead.

Back issues of the newsletter since January 2013 are available on my website.

Thank you to my sample-maker and newletter editor Jo-Ann Woolverton for helping start, write and edit these newslettters for the last 3 years. Together we present our collaborative 50th issue of the newletter.

Issue #50 – Celebrating innovation; upcoming classes & shows



Welcome Friends

Back to a few more stories from my Ukraine trip. These are from two unexpected visits to two unique museums of folk art treasures and symbolism in one day.

Special request to help celebration my upcoming 50th issue.


Issue #49 – Ukraine Museums III - Fytkiv and Mykulychyn; upcoming 50th issue celebration request; upcoming shows & classes


Welcome Friends

Something different for a change!! Here’s a few stories from a recent visit to the Upper Midwest Bead Society (UMBS), a well established group in Minneapolis. I’m grateful to Tia Wilke for recommending me to teach and do a presentation at the monthly meeting.

As you can see, here are a lot of success stories about teaching new beadweaving techniques, broadening color palettes and sensibilities and learning finishing tips. All it takes is some good instructions, imagination and voila!

Issue #48 – stories from teaching at UMBS Minneapolis; upcoming classes & show



Welcome Friends

Just back from a very productive trip to Ukraine which started with a conference, presentations, workshops, museum tours, and loads of family genealogy work. There was so much that I’ll highlight just a few of the earlier events which brought me to Ukraine.

Next month I’ll share more about what’s new at the Vernissage and my visit to mentor at the beadwork workshops at Dzherelo Rehabilitation Center and L’Arche community in Lviv. I’ll also show some unique museums full of folk art treasures.

Issue #46 – Pysanka Museum presentation; Folk Arts Conference; +Ewhenia Genyk retrospective



Welcome Friends

It’s been a wild spring here! I’ve been working hard to get ready for my next trip to Ukraine in a week. I’ve had the pleasure of doing a loomwork series and learn the secret of beading rosettes.

Enjoy a few of my slides and links from by upcoming new presentation. Have a fun, creative summer. Take a trip, explore something new.

Issue #45 – Loomwork Series; Rosettes and upcoming Pysanka Museum presentation



Welcome Friends

Here are some highlights form my beading cruise with Amy of i-bead. I'm very pleased because I really did try new techniques which were out of my comfort zone. All of a sudden 15/0 seed beads are not so tiny! Bead embroidery is fun! Wilder and craziers fringes and twigs are better.

Beading, cruising and sightseeing are the perfect combination. Hope you are inspired to try new things this spring. The upcoming CreativFestival and other bead shows could be just the temptation you need.

Issue #44 – Beading Panama Cruise stories; upcoming Creativ Festival



Welcome Friends

Can’t believe how time is flying and my two-week Beading Cruise through the Panama Canal starts Mar 15th. Looking forward to new experiences and beady friends. Should have interesting photos from the cruise in the next newsletter.

I’m scrambling to get as my inspirational material out as soon as possible. Spring is almost here!! It’s pysanky-making time, beading or creating something new for spring. Have fun!

Issue #43 – Pysanka Coin & presentation; teaching in Kolomyya and Toronto


Welcome Friends

It had been a revealing week. It started with a new presentation, followed by two Bag of Beads reveal nights. Have you been challenging yourself since the start of the new year? If so, hope that it is going well.

Issue #42 – Contemporary Prykrasy of Ukraine; Bag of Beads Challenges; Sr. Daria–Life & Creativity book



Welcome Friends

The start of a new year is a time to look back, but also a time to try something new or different. This month I have an amazing piece done by a student using simple technique in her own way. I have been working with some of the new shaped and multi-holed beads. What are you working on in 2016?

Issue #41 – Ukrainian Honeycomb Net; Versatile Diagonal Weave; Creative Challenges



Welcome Friends

It is great to be back home after my trip to Ukraine. I was lucky to see a new exhibit at the museum in Kyiv. Back here is Toronto, Jo-Ann and I spent the morning at the Gardiner Museum. We saw the 12 trees of Christmas as well as some amazing ceramics.

Issue #40 – Spider tree project at Gardiner Museum; Beaded Adornments of the Carprathian region book



Welcome Friends

The middle of October was very busy and Creativ. I developed a new wheel to better understand colour relationships. See my take the possibilities. My last show for the fall is next weekend. Then it's off to Ukraine for two weeks and back in time for Thanksgiving.

Hope you are inspired to craft something fun and wonderful.

Issue #39 – Beader’s Paint Box & PETAL COLOR WHEEL; Lemko kryzy



Welcome Friends

Fall is here and programs everywhere have started in earnest. It’s show time, bead society time, continuing ed time….

See my latest project, a 2016 folk art calendar, launched in time to be useful on many levels. Not only is it informative and beautiful, it can be helpful in planning your next year. Hope you find inspiration in the colors of fall.

Issue #38 – UCWLC Museum Folk Art Calendar; L’Arche crocheted necklaces



Welcome Friends

It was a pleasure meeting so many friends at Bead Fest in Philadelphia. See a few inspirational stories from the show.

While fall is almost here, we are still having summer weather in Toronto. Lots of new events coming up. Have a great beading year…

Issue #37 – Sailboat Brooch in ANPT, Summer 2015; Bead Fest networking



Welcome Friends

Back from the Bead & Button Show and very pleased that I was able to see so many fellow beaders and beadwork displays by a variety international beaders of all ages. Here are a few of my favorites from the show!

Issue #36 – Bridal traditions and feel good stories



Welcome Friends

The power of social media, Facebook & Pinterest, help Old World artisans to connect with a world wide audience. Here is my journey to get adornments from my heritage. I am ready for the last of the summer bead shows and the first show of the fall.

Issue #35 – Zgardy, cheprahy and korali



Welcome Friends

Back from the Bead & Button Show and very pleased that I was able to see so many fellow beaders and beadwork displays by a variety international beaders of all ages. Here are a few of my favorites from the show!

Issue #34 – Bead & Button Show highlights



Welcome Friends

I have just arrived back home from my European travels. Here are some of the highlights. The Button Exhibit in Paris blew me away. Spring Chords Festival featured an inspiring collection of fashion, textiles and accessories. I got to see new and long time beaders at the Vernissage. At the upcoming Bead & Button show I look forward to reconnecting with the North American beading community.

Issue #33 – Paris and Ukraine trip highlights



Welcome Friends

Spring is truly here to stay and summer will be here before we know it. Here is a look at the work of some of my students. I have also been hard at work creating new and fresh color combos. I will be off to Europe for the Spring Chords Festival with a stop over in Paris. I hope you take time to enjoy the warming weather, maybe bead outside, and be inspired by the colors of the season.

Issue #32 – Beaders of all ages. Upcoming Summer



Welcome Friends

It is officially spring and the season's shows and events are fast approaching. I am working on two inspiring seminars for the Spring Creativ Festival. May the arrival of spring inspire your creativity!

Issue #31 – Spring Chords submissions



Welcome Friends

It is cold and snowy here in Toronto, but planning for spring shows gives me something to look forward to. New designs with new colors and shaped beads will be coming this spring. Upcoming loomwork.

Issue #30 – Upcoming Spring



Welcome Friends

A new year brings with it some new and fun shaped beads to play with. The long time favourites are working well with the new as well as on their own. See how a Geisha Box is beaded by Jo-Ann.

Issue #29 – New Shapes



Welcome Friends

Can’t believe December’s here already! Where has the year flown by? Here’s a few stories from November and beading tips for the holidays. See Rypan Designs at the Toronto Bead Fair; meet Hanya Luchkanin and her beaded flowers and tips; read how many countries were represented in the Friendship Wreath Project.

Issue #28 – Snowflake Season



Welcome Friends

Here’s a few highlights from my visit to Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY. It was interesting to continue my education about the glasswork industry. Closer to home, fall is about local bead fairs and the pursuit of new skills to know how to play with all those new beads just (or about to be) purchased.

Issue #27 – Corning Glass Museum



Welcome Friends

September is “Back to School” month. For BIG KIDS it’s a perfect time to embrace Continuing Ed. For me it started off in northern Czech Republic learning about the glass industry, continued with a visit to the Corning Glass Museum, NY, and now I’m in Toronto playing with seed and pressed beads.

Issue #26 – Continuing Czech Glass Education



Welcome Friends

Thanks to Adela Kodonova's invitation to visit the Czech Republic, I did a whirlwind tour of Prague, Karlstejn Castle and the mountains in the north for an overview of the glass and bead industry. Awesome! Here are the highlights…. See next month's issue for my glass industry visits.

Issue #25 – Highlights of visit to Czech Republic



Welcome Friends

Welcome to my issue from Ukraine! So many talented artists and people with a great passion for beauty and freedom. Here are a few...

Issue #24 – Highlights of visit to Ukraine




Welcome Friends

This summer is shaping up as a cultural one. Join me in broadening your appreciation for world culture through beading and folkarts.

Issue #23 – World Culture through beading


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