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“Chic Chevron Collar”

by Maria Rypan
BEADWORK. Aug/Sep 2013: 66-68
I SSN 1528-5634

This unique piece was designed for the 25th Creativ Festival in Toronto and is affectionately
known as “Rita’s Ronedelle Ziggzags. ‘I’m thrilled to share it with you on the pages of



















“Millefiori Mosaic” Collar & Earrings
by Maria Rypan
A Needle Pulling Thread. Summer 2012: 82-87
ISSN 1715-4650

The Netted X’s & O’s got a fresh summer remake
with a limited selection of millefiori disks and drawn
chevron beads. Maria’s instructions for the collar
and earrings have been included in their entirety.



“Beaded “Pysanky” Eggs” by Maria Rypan.
A Needle Pulling Thread. Spring 2011: 90-93.
ISSN 1715-4650

This article for a Canadian needle arts magazine talks about the different ways of applying beads on eggs in a “pysanka” style. 13 photos illustrate various methods and give an appreciation of how each and every bead is applied or beadwoven. Since no two eggs are the same, the article gives plenty of guidelines for beading one of your



  “Ancient Adornments of the Kyivan Rus’, X-XIII Centuries” by Maria Rypan.
Canadian Beading.ca. Issue 8, 2009: 29-31.

These artifacts, beads and tools were on display at the Borysohlib Museum, Chernihiv, Ukraine.


A Conversation on Ukrainian-Style Beadwork with Maria Rypan” by Melaina Juntti.
BEADWORK, Oct./Nov. 2009: 60-62.

The interview was based on my “Comtemporary Beadwork in Ukraine” , 2009 Powerpoint.
It was reprinted as “Gerdany – Past to Present: A Conversation on Ukrainian-Style Beadwork with Maria Rypan” by Melaina Juntti. The New Pathway. Toronto: Vol. 80, #39, Oct 8, 2009: 8.


  “Scythian Gold” by Maria Rypan.
BEADWORK, Oct./Nov. 2009: 63-65.

A twist on contemporary Ukrainian beadwork, this V-shaped netted collar features an embellished diamond-shaped opening. The project’s name relates to one of the original habitants of Ukraine, the Scythians.

Reprinted in BEADWORK Presents: Favorite Bead Stitches.
Interweave Press LLC, 2010: 103-105.

“Ancient Adornments of the Kyivan Rus, X-XIII Centuries” by Maria Rypan.

“The Bead Forum”, Newsletter of the Society of Bead Researchers.
Autumn 2008, Issue 53: 1.

Discovery of artifacts on display at the Borysohlib Museum, Chernihiv, Ukraine. Sep. 2008.


“Gerdany: Triple ‘V’ Jewel” by Maria Rypan.
A Needle Pulling Thread. Festive 2008: 70-77.

“In the Spotlight…Maria Rypan” talks about current beadwork trends in beading. This project uses novel jewel-toned beads for embellishment and all around netted base. Maria’s full step-by-step instructions appear in magazine article.


“Trypillian Spirit” by Maria Rypan.
STEP BY STEP beads. Nov./Dec. 2008: 24-25.

Maria created this necklace to coincide with the exhibit of “Mysteries of Trypilian Culture” on display at the Royal Ontario Museum, Nov 30, 2008 to Mar 22, 2009.


“Trypillian Spirit Project” by Maria Rypan.
Toronto Bead Society Newsletter. Jan./Feb. 2009: 7.

Summary of the development and opportunities presented by a unique project designed to compliment the Trypilian exhibit from Ukraine. The “Trypillian Spirit” necklaces were available at the ROM Gift Shop.


“Fan wheel flakes” by Maria Rypan.
Bead&Button Online Project. Oct. 2008:2 pages, web.

These extraordinary 3-D snowflakes are created by firmly positioning crystal-tipped bugle ‘V’s around a circle of beads. Great idea for décor and memorable gifts!

Reprinted in Beaded Ornament for the Holidays and Beyond from Bead & Button and BeadStyle Magazines. Waukesha: Kalmbach Publishing Co., 2009: 90-91.
ISBN: 978-0-87116-283-0


“Simply Luxurious Net” & “Glitter Drop Earrings” by Maria Rypan.
A Needle Pulling Thread. Spring 2007: 42-48.

“In the Spotlight…Maria Rypan”
talks about influences and experiences in needle craft.
Swarovski® crystals were used in this project. Maria’s original instructions were reprinted in the article.

“Fanned Wheel Necklace” by Maria Rypan.
BEADWORK. Aug./Sep. 2007: 56-58.

This necklace was inspired by contemporary beadwork seen at the Vernisage, an art piazza in Lviv, Ukraine. The wheel is a circular fan whose points are topped with crystals and whose shape echoes through the wavy crystal-studded band.

Reprinted in: BEADWORK Presents: Favorite Bead Stitches.
Interweave Press LLC, 2010: 100-102


“Crystal Pearls” by Maria Rypan.
Wedding Jewelry. Interweave Press LLC., Volume 1, 2007: 20-23.

These classic crystal pearl bracelet and obelisk earrings are a perennial favorite of bridal parties judging by royalties from on-line pattern orders from Interweave Press. It was printed in a special wedding publication from the editors of STEP BY STEP beads.

These two-needle ladder stitch bracelet and earrings were designed in 2006 and taught for Swarovski® in Tucson and at the Creativ Festival in Toronto.


“Netted Diamonds” by Maria Rypan.
STEP BY STEP beads. Jan./Feb. 2006: 26-30.

Leslie Rogalski, editor of Beading Daily, wrote on May 17, 2010 about six of her favorite projects as The best of STEP BY STEP beads was launched. It included:

“Beadwork traditions
Projects with history taught me about other cultures. Maria Rypan is renowned for keeping alive the intricacies of Ukrainian beading. In her regal Netted Diamonds collar, she shares a very modern-looking motif that’s actually been applied to beadwork for generations. Netting is not hard to learn, I might add, with our step-by-step directions!”

“Netted Diamonds” was reprinted in The best of STEP BY STEP beads.
Interweave Press LLC, 2010: 114-115.


“Fanned Waves Bracelet” by Maria Rypan.
BEADWORK. Feb. 2005: 92-94.

Based on a Ukrainian design, this distinctive bracelet uses twisted bugle beads to highlight the richly textured fans made by a series of inverted V’s. The off-loom designs is easier than it looks and can be repeated for any length of jewelry.


“Fringed Gothic Beauty” by Maria Rypan.
Simply Beads. Dec 2005: 86-88.

Crystal-tipped fringe and seed beads are dramatic in this Gothic necklace, daring enough for even the most plunging neckline. This piece looks complicated, but strings up quickly.


“Feliz Navidad” by Maria Rypan.
STEP BY STEP beads. Nov./Dec. 2005: 34-35.

Festive lampwork bracelet and earrings.


“Color Duo Lariat” by Maria Rypan.
STEP BY STEP beads. Sep./Oct. 2005: 45-48.

This reproduction of a vintage lariat pattern has a new look with interlocking color placement, using two colors easily distinquished from each other. The lariat is 44” long.


“Ukrainian netting” by Maria Rypan.
Bead&Button. Jun 2003: 84-87.

Maria’s first published article after meeting editor Alice Korach at the 2002 Bead&Button Show.

The “Indigo Kilim” necklace joins woven panels with beaded bands. This project was so well illustrated, the editors didn’t have to send the manuscript for proofing!

Reprinted in: Beadwoven Jewelry,
The Best of Bead&Button Magazine.
Waukesha: Kalmbach Publishing Co. 2006: 14-16.
ISBN: 10: 0-87116-229-6
ISBN: 13: 978-07116-229-8

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