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“Trypillian Spirit” by Maria Rypan

Reprinted in:
101 Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings presented by BEADWORK.
Interweave Press LLC, 2011: 89.


“Snowflake Kit” featured on “Cool Kits” spread of Winter 2011 issue.

“These kits are wonderful stocking stuffers and holiday gifts for your beady friends!”

Bead Unique. All American Crafts. Inc., Winter 2011, Issue #27: 16.




“Snowflake Extravaganza”
Toronto Bead Society Calendar
December 2011

These snowflakes are available in kits and pattern and reprinted in Beaded Ornament for the Holidays and Beyond from Bead & Button and BeadStyle Magazines. Waukesha: Kalmbach Publishing Co., 2009: 90-91.


Poster for the “Contemporary Beadwork in Ukraine” presentation on Sep 13, 2010 at the Ivan Honchar Museum, Kyiv. There was also a press release in Ukrainian.

The poster was modified for use for the same presentation held on Sep 6, 2010 at the Educational Center of Prykarpattya, Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine.




“Netted Diamonds” by Maria Rypan.
Reprinted in:
The best of STEP BY STEP beads.
Interweave Press LLC, 2010: 114-115.

Leslie Rogalski, editor of Beading Daily, wrote on May 17, 2010 about six of her favorite projects as The best of STEP BY STEP beads was launched. It included:

“Beadwork traditions
Projects with history taught me about other cultures. Maria Rypan is renowned for keeping alive the intricacies of Ukrainian beading. In her regal Netted Diamonds collar, she shares a very modern-looking motif that’s actually been applied to beadwork for generations. Netting is not hard to learn, I might add, with our step-by-step directions!”


“Fan Wheel Necklace” & “Scythian Gold” by Maria Rypan.
Maria’s two projects were reprinted in BEADWORK Presents: Favorite Bead Stitches. Interweave Press LLC, 2010: 100-105.

The “Fan Wheel Necklace” was inspired by contemporary beadwork seen at the Vernisage, an art piazza in Lviv, Ukraine. The wheel is a circular fan whose points are topped with crystals and whose shape echoes through the wavy crystal-studded band. It was published in Aug 2007.

The “Scythian Gold” is a twist on contemporary Ukrainian beadwork. The V-shaped netted collar features an embellished diamond-shaped opening. The project’s name relates to one of the original habitants of Ukraine, the Scythians. It was just published in Aug 2009.


“Art of Gerdan” was organized by the Alberta Council for Ukrainian Arts in Feb 2010.

It was a 5-day series of beadwork workshops and presentations of two slide shows at each of three venues:
- UCWLC Museum, Edmonton Eparchy;
- Kule Folklore Centre, University of Alberta;
- Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Edmonton.


“Edmonton UCWLC Eparchial Museum Hosts Gerdan Workshop” by Helen Sirman.
Nasha Doroha. Summer 2010: 22.

An evening marathon with two presentations followed by two workshops started off the “Art of Gerdan” series in Edmonton.


“Empowerment by design”
by Liz Lepper.
Edmonton: ACUAVITAE. Spring/Summer 2010: 18-20.

This interview followed my “Art of Gerdan” successful series of gerdany beadwork workshops and numerous presentations.

Luba Bilash, a local bead artist, was also featured in this article. The beadwork throughout this issue is mine.




“Scythian Gold”
Toronto Bead Society 2010 Calendar

This was my fourth year as “Calendar Girl”. “Scythian Gold” was featured together with three others in the additional pages about the Bead Society and its activities.


Sandra Ammerlaan of Holland wrote about her Toronto beading adventure at the Canadian Oasis Bead Show and first teacher, Maria Rypan in a Dutch newspaper, Oct. 22, 2009.




“Gerdany – Past to Present: A Conversation on Ukrainian-Style Beadwork with Maria Rypan”
by Melaina Juntti.

Reprinted in: The New Pathway. Toronto: Vol. 80, #39, Oct 8, 2009: 8.

Reprinted in: Woman’s World. Toronto: Vol. 60, #36, Jan. - Mar. 2010: 25-26.

Original interview “A Conversation on Ukrainian-Style Beadwork with Maria Rypan” by Melaina Juntti. BEADWORK.Oct./Nov. 2009: 60-62.


“Fan wheel flakes” by Maria Rypan.
Reprinted in:
Beaded Ornament for the Holidays and Beyond from Bead & Button and BeadStyle Magazines.
Waukesha: Kalmbach Publishing Co., 2009: 90-91.
ISBN: 978-0-87116-283-0

These extraordinary 3-D snowflakes are created by firmly positioning crystal-tipped bugle ‘V’s around a circle of beads. Great idea for décor and memorable gifts!


Speaker’s Corner: “Contemporary Beadwork in Ukraine” by Sharon Couzens.
Toronto Bead Society Newsletter. Mar./Apr. 2009: 5.

This was the première of my new Powerpoint presentation which appropriately fell on Jan 14, 2009, Ukrainian New Year’s Day.

The report includes photos of the display of some of the beadwork brought back from Maria’s bi-annual research trips to Ukraine.


“Beadweaving in Chicago” by Larisa Kukhar.
Time and Events (Chas i podii). Chicago:
#2009-25, Jun. 25. 2009. Print & Web.

A collaborative evening at the Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago with Maria and bead artist/ embroiderer Nastasia Marusyk Zhmendak.

Maria presented her “Contemporary Beadwork in Ukraine” Powerpoint which included photos of some of Nastasia’s beaded Bukovynian folk costumes. Nastasia talked about the significance of beads from the ancient times to today’s beadwork and bead embroidered folk costumes. Her extensive collection of ‘sorochky’ and Bukovynian costumes graced the gallery walls, while her contemporary beadwork was displayed in a showcase.

Maria had a Trunk Show of her kits, patterns and books. The General Counsel of Ukraine was in attendance.


“Traditional Beadweaving at the Ukrainian National Museum” by Maria Klimchak.
Time and Events (Chas i podii). Chicago:
#2009-20, May 21. 2009. Print & Web.

Promotion of Maria’s upcoming presentation about beadwork at the Ukrainian National Museum in June. The photos were taken in Nov 2008 at the loomwork and beadwork workshops at the museum.


“Trypillian Spirit”
Toronto Bead Society Calendar
January 2009

These three necklaces were created to coincide with the exhibit of “Mysteries of Trypilian Culture on display at the Royal Ontario Museum, Nov 30, 2008 to Mar 22, 2009.


“Bead Stoppers™ save me time by preventing my beads from sliding off while I create.”
Maria Rypan

My photo from the initial auditioning of beads for a series of Trypillian-inspired necklaces appeared in a Bead Stoppers™ ad on pg. 47 of the same issue as my article.

“Trypillian Spirit” by Maria Rypan.
Step by Step beads. Nov./Dec. 2008: 24-25.


“Colorful wonderworld of Maria Rypan” by Maria Klimchak.
Time and Events (Chas i podiyi). Chicago: Vol. XIII, #28, July 10-16, 2008.
Print & web.

This was Maria’s first appearance at the Ukrainian National Museum. She presented,“Beadwork in Ukraine” slided show; taught two ‘gerdany’- making’ classes and had a three month exhibit of her beadwork at the Museum from Jun 10 to Aug 30, 2008.

Maria Klimchak, Museum curator, wrote the article and arranged for publicity on her own and local Radio Programs, as well as Ukrainian television.


“Millefiore Twig Chip Cascade”
Toronto Bead Society Calendar
September 2008

Necklace designed by Maria Rypan;
beadwoven by Jo-Ann Woolverton, Toronto



“W.O.R.D.” (What Our Reader’s Did)
Beadwork. Jun./Jul. 2008: 6.

Barb Fritz of Newton, MA acknowledged Maria’s inspiration for necklace portion of her beadwork pendant.


“5-Drape Gothic Necklace & Obelisk Earrings”
Toronto Bead Society Calendar
July 2007

This 5-Drape was specially designed for Swarovski® N.A. so the multiple swags would drape perfectly when worn. It was taught in Tucson and then at the Creativ Festival in Toronto.


“Ukrainian netted necklace”
by Maria Rypan.
Reprinted in:
Beadwoven Jewelry, The Best of Bead&Button Magazine. Waukesha: Kalmbach Publishing Co. 2006: 14-16.
ISBN: 10: 0-87116-229-6
ISBN: 13: 978-07116-229-8

The “Indigo Kilim” necklace joins woven panels with beaded bands. This project was so well illustrated, the editors didn’t have to send the manuscript for proofing!


“W.O.R.D.” (What Our Reader’s Did)
Beadwork. Feb./Mar. 2006: 6.

Ruth Grimm of Sellersville, PA wrote about how Maria’s “Fan Bracelet” inspired a commission for wedding jewelry for the mother of the bride.


“Fab Fleurs” Beadwork Necklace Kits were featured in “Cool Stuff”.
Beadwork. Jun./Jul. 2006: 16.

Singer Amy SKy loved “Aqua Drop Fantasy” so much during our CHCH-TV taping, she trade an autographed CD for a kit for her sister to bead.


“Kits, Kits, Kits” by Jean Campbell.
Beadwork. Feb./Mar. 2004: 13.

Jean Campbell, the editor of Beadwork, playfully equated kits to snacking on a bag of chips. “Not only are they convenient (everything’s in the bag!), but they go quickly (did I already finish the bag?), and you can't wait to make another (where’s the next bag?).”

Maria’s “Fan Waves Bracelet” kit is the top left photo and listed in Resources.


“Netted Beadwork ” by Diane Fitzgerald.
Netted Beadwork.Loveland: Interweave Press LLC., 2003: 11.

Diane wrote on pg. 11 of “Netted beadwork around the world”:
“Ukrainian beadwork, known as gerdany, has recently been documented and popularized by Canadian Maria Rypan in classes and books.”

“Sedona Kilim”, Maria’s Toronto Bead Society 2000 Bag of Bead Challenge, was included in the “Gallery” section of the book.

Fitzgerald, Diane. Netted Beadwork. Loveland: Interweave Press LLC., 2003: 114.
ISBN: 1-931499-15-2




“Crafty Connoisseur”.
The Etobicoke Guardian. Feb. 9, 2003: 1.

Photo by Ian Kelso appeared on the front page of local newspaper.
Permission was granted to use it for publicity.



The photo was retouched and used extensively for ads in beadwork magazines, advertising in show programs. The text was then translated into Ukrainian for further use in programs and directories.

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