Large Ndebele Sailboat Brooch


Large Ndebele Sailboat Brooch – pattern

Perfect for summer! Here are the full detailed instructions to make a larger sailboat.

This brooch is fully bead woven with Ndebele-inspired sails. This herringbone stitch is ideal because of the interesting weave created by how it is constructed. It is further accentuated by turning the smaller sail on its side for textural interest. Follow these directions and illustrations for a simple way of decreasing the sail.

This brooch was created specially for the readers of A Needle Pulling Thread magazine. The illustrations there were for a smaller 8-bead sailboat brooch.

It’s amazing what a difference 2-beads make at the very beginning!

This 9-page pattern has a photo overview with Maria’s famous fully detailed step-by-step illustrations for creating the large 10-bead Short and Tall Ndebele sails. Select photos of beadweaving and decreasing the sails enhance illustrations. Then, photos show how to assemble the sailboat and add your choice of pin to the back.

SUPPLY LIST for Large Brooch:

  • 7g (133) op. white 8/0 seed beads (A)
  • 14 brown iris 8/0 seed beads (B)
  • 30 #5 Japanese triangle beads in one or two colours for boat (C)
  • 1 5x5mm Czech triangle bead
  • 1 2”- 2.5” (5 – 6.5cm) head pin
  • 1.25” (3 cm) brooch pin or 1” (2.5 cm) safety pin

stringing material – clear Fireline® 10 lb.

scissors or cutters
chain nose pliers

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